CPI Online

Determining your Cognitive Profile

The Cognitive Profile Inventory is designed to help you to identify your personal style of thinking, learning, and making decisions.

Although an individual's profile is subject to some change over time due to lifestyle, education, and other significant influences, the general shape of the profile probably won't change a great deal. But before too many details are discussed, the first step is to do the inventory for yourself. Once you have your own profile in front of you, the description of what it means will be much more meaningful.

The inventory consists of 60 pairs of words. Look at each pair, and choose which appeals to you more, or describes you better. As you are doing the inventory, keep in mind how you prefer to deal with life, learning, and people.

It is important that your answers reflect how you really prefer to do things, not what you think you should do, or what someone tells you that you should do, or how someone else does things, no matter how much you admire them. No answer is better than any other answer. The best answer is the one that is right for you. This is your inventory, and it will be your profile. The more thoughtful and honest you are in self-evaluation, the more helpful the resulting profile will be for you.

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