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About the CPI Online

The process & privacy of your Cognitive Profile Inventory Online


The CPI Online application has the location cpi.cognitiveprofile.com.  To begin, please see CPI Online.

The CPI Online application can experience an occasional hiccup. 
  • One such case may be seen in the CPI Online Interactive Examples not displaying properly (showing a message such as "Unable to resolve gadget URL"), or problems in reaching a normal user interface at cpi.cognitiveprofile.com
  • In most cases these issues can be resolved by waiting thirty seconds and reloading the web page in the browser. 
  • In other cases the solution is to return some twelve or twenty four hours later.


The CPI Online requires a login in order to maintain your session.  Your session can be started on one computer and completed on another, and as much as a week later.

The CPI Online Server employs the Google Accounts service in order to maintain your inventory session for a substantial period. 

This process will reveal your accounts identifier to the server, which is typically your email address.  The server will use this account identifier solely for the purpose of identifying your inventory session.


After logging into your Google Account, the Cognitive Profile Inventory will present sixty (60) word or phrase pairs for evaluation.  At the conclusion of the inventory, a result is computed by the CPI Online Server and returned to your Web Browser for display and printing. 

The URL of the final presentation page contains your encoded and anonymous result.  The result URL will present the encoded result even after your session is expunged by the server.  The encoded result does not include your account identifier (email address).

The result URL can be bookmarked or emailed or shared like any URL.  Using it does not require a login.


We will not sell, rent or share your email address.  Your account identifier is employed solely for the purpose of maintaining your CPI Online session.  As server storage fills, old sessions will be deleted, and in this event your data is completely expunged.

Once your data has been expunged, logging into the CPI Online will not reveal your result.  Only your result page URL will contain your result.


For more information please contact Dr. Lois Breur Krause krause@clemson.edu, or John Pritchard cpi@cognitiveprofile.com.  Or, read the source via our engineering infrastructure at cpi.googlecode.com.