Intuitive Feeler

The NF Learner

The intuitive feeler is the creative learner. Often lacking aptitude for both logic and memorization, (if NT or ST are not sub-dominant) most at home in the abstract, the NF represents the greatest risk for non-completion of the educational process. The NF learns best through metaphor, building new learning on a structure of comparison with some other known concept, no matter how far afield.

The NF student should look for another situation in which the same "rules" apply, as apply to the concept being studied. "How is an internal combustion engine like a rock band?" has meaning for the NF, who will see connections between the various energy sources and sounds in the two contexts, and thereby enhance her understanding of internal combustion engines.

NF's are the most inventive. Albert Einstein was undoubtedly NF. Who but an NF would picture himself riding on a beam of light through space, wondering what he would see? NF's are perhaps the world's greatest resource of new technologies and ideas. Unfortunately, too many of them do not succeed in school to get to the point of contributing to the extent of their potential.

NF's often relate very strongly to "causes," and may be active in efforts to save the whales, the trees, mankind or the ozone layer.

The NF learner may perhaps be described as marching to a different drummer. Non NF's must realize "those who can't hear the music think the dancer is crazy."  The teenagers may dress differently than the majority of their peers, matching a small number of others who enjoy feeling that they are different from most, they are unique. Current styles of NF "non-conformity" are reflected in baggy pants, long skirts worn with either heavy black or maroon boots or sandals, body piercing or tattoos. This is not to say that destructive behavior should be condoned because the reasons are understood. The NF may be encouraged away from destructive behavior if more success is found in acceptance of inward differences. All teenagers conform to some group. NF's conform to a much smaller group.

A warning to teachers, parents and counselors is relevant. It is currently "cool" in this group to be depressed. Permitting and encouraging creative outlets and metaphorical reasoning, and permitting a modicum of "daydreaming" can go a long way in bringing the NF dominant to a happier place.

For more information, please refer to the Student Survival Guide.