Sensor / INtuitive bipolar descriptor, the Y axis

The y, or vertical axis goes from Sensor at the top, to INtuitive at the bottom. Oh, and I have been intentionally typing the N in INtuitive as a capital letter. We use the N for INtuitive instead of I to eliminate confusion with Jung's Introvert.

The sensor learner is a concrete learner. The "sensor" prefers to learn through the senses, by touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. The "sensor" wants to pick things up, turn them around and see all sides.

The sensor learners, the ST and SF, work most comfortably with concretes. They prefer details first, the way our schools generally teach, building to the concept through the details, step by step.

The intuitive learner prefers to take information in an abstract form, as ideas, images, or concepts. From the initial concept, the "intuitive" will develop a conceptual framework or structure, into which she can fit the details later.

The intuitive learners, NT and NF, work most effectively in the abstract, and need to begin new material with a global perspective. This direction is foreign for most educators, so the intuitive learner will generally be assisted by reading the material prior to class in order to glimpse the whole concept for a starting point.