The Cognitive Profile Model

The Cognitive Profile model is based on C.G. Jung's theory of personality type.  The Jungian personality type model has four bipolar descriptors: introvert / extrovert, sensor / intuitive, thinker / feeler, and judger / perceiver.  

The Cognitive Profile model abbreviates the Jungian personality type model for practical application to individual styles of learning and comprehension.  The Cognitive Profile model uses only the thinker / feeler and sensor / intuitive bipoles of the Jungian model as indicators of personal processes for the comprehension of information.  

The Cognitive Profile result displays the thinker / feeler bipole in the vertical axis, and the sensor / intuitive bipole in the horizontal axis.  

The Cognitive Profile model has four quadrants described by its two bipoles: Sensor Feeler, Sensor Thinker, Intuitive Feeler and Intuitive Thinker.

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